HEROIC's Fortnite division was founded in 2023 with the marquee signing of Th0masHD, one of the most accomplished players in the World. We aim to expand within the increasingly popular Fortnite space and field a full team to compete for titles across all disciplines at the highest levels of the game.


Th0masHD has been one of the most high-performing and exciting Fornite pros in the last few years, reaching a new peak in 2023 ranking #1 in Europe, and winning multiple tournaments. Thomas brings a huge social following, raw skill, and an excited fan base to HEROIC. The goal is to dominate both the competitive landscape and create the most entertaining Fortnite content in years to come!

Performance Team


Director of Esports

Polkadot white

THP white

Heroic x Joma Official Kit Partner

Heroic x VRS - Sim racing partner

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