Heroic Group is a European multi-game esports organization with a unique growth story and big ambitions for the future. The brand Heroic, has a long standing through multiple previous ownerships, but has gained most of its standing over the last couple of years.

Heroic Group

The current project, Heroic Group, was initiated through an acquisition from Norwegian esports organization Omaken Sports in 2021, founded Joachim “Noobwork” Haraldsen in 2020. Heroic is now a globally recognized esports brand, with some of the best athletes across multiple titles, and a professional organization with a long-term vision.


As a purpose-driven organization with global following and a strong voice, we aim to position HEROIC as the industry leader for social impact. When heroes unite we can make a difference.


HEROIC is an inclusive esports organization where heroes have a thousand faces. We aim to promote the countless heroes of the esports community, and tell the most engaging stories from the esports universe.

The Heroic Way

Since its origin in 2013, HEROIC has been determined in building a home for heroes. Today, we represent a rapidly growing organization, an ambitious team of passionate people, and the best fans and supporters in global esports. For us, being HEROIC means following three simple rules to inspire and promote new generations of heroes:


Show heart

Showing heart is our superpower. We believe that good intentions are contagious, that kindness takes us further, and that caring for others makes a difference. Our heart beats for the games, for fandom, and for positive impact.

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Embrace heat

Embracing heat is our source of strength. We grow stronger from the heat of challenge, intensity of competition, and the pain of setbacks. Our success lies in unity, discipline, and resilience.

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Bring thunder

Bringing thunder is our edge. We enter with blazing guns, bring passion to another level, celebrate like no other, and entertain our audiences. Our presence is strong and we cannot be ignored.


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Placement - 1st

Blast Fall Finals


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Placement - 2nd



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Placement - 1st



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Placement - 1st



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Placement - 1st




A casual home

The first iteration of HEROIC was founded in Copenhagen in March 2013. With the latest edition of Counter Strike (CS:GO) recently being launched, national tournaments were emerging, and local talents were looking for a “casual home” to support them getting to the events.

Like other local organizations, HEROIC’s main purpose was being a meeting point, transport players from A to B, facilitate payment of tournament fees, and (quite often) distribute prize pools. The best teams could potentially land small sponsorship deals but esports was not big business in Denmark back then.

Forging heroes

The name HEROIC was chosen for several reasons. Partly because it resonated well in many game titles, but mainly because it inspired the players to perform both individually and as a team. From 2013-2016 HEROIC had teams in CS:GO, LoL, Battlefield 4, Starcraft II, and Hearthstone.

The organization competed in most of the big national events, hosted community tournaments in Copenhagen, and supported the rise of many grassroots talents. Several big esports profiles spent their early days with HEROIC, most notably CS:GO legend Nicolai "dev1ce" Reedtz and former LEC player Kristoffer 'P1noy' Pedersen.

New ownership

In August of 2016, the Danish esports venture RFRSH adopted the HEROIC brand as one of three newly established teams. Alongside the two other team brands, Astralis and Godsent, HEROIC became the new home for the former CSGO lineup from SK Gaming.

RFRSH had a bigger ambition, more financial backing, and a more structured approach than the former HEROIC. Everything was new, but the iconic name lived on. HEROIC was later sold on from RFRSH to a Ukrainian owner, before eventually landing with the new and current owner, HEROIC Group, in 2021.

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