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Giving us wiiiings since 2021, Red Bull is helping athletes reach their true potential. Inspired by functional drinks from the Far East, Dietrich Mateschitz founded Red Bull in the mid-1980s. He developed not only a new product but also a unique marketing concept and launched Red Bull Energy Drink in Austria on April 1, 1987. A completely new product category was born – energy drinks. Red Bull Energy Drink is appreciated worldwide by top athletes, busy professionals, college students and travelers on long journeys. The multifaceted partnership represents a strong contribution in cementing Heroic at the very top of global professional esports.

Xtrfy makes pro-level gaming gear in collaboration with some of the world’s most merited players. Their products are based on well-proven technology and the most important component of all: experience. With Xtrfy we have carefully chosen a partner for mice, mousepads and keyboards that we know will provide our players with the best possible products. We are also excited to collaborate with Xtrfy and be hands-on together with our players in order to keep developing new innovative products.
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Maxim is Heroic’s official nutrition partner, supplying the Heroic teams with all solutions related to protein sports nutrition. Maxim provides Heroic with valuable insights and research data concerning using nutrition as an advantage for improved performance. Heroic and Maxim also collaborate on product innovation, based on insights from an esports athlete’s and community nutrition needs.

Gsign offers premium ergonomic desks and chairs that combine functionality and aesthetics. Our partnership allows Gsign to bring its expertise to the esports industry. As part of the partnership, Gsign and Heroic will work together on a number of initiatives, which are centered around both raising awareness on the importance of a healthy desk & chair setup and the creation of immersive experiences for fans. The team at Gsign works closely with Heroic to build custom gaming environments that have one main goal – the health and comfort gamers.
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Zowie is a leading supplier of gaming equipment and accessories, providing Heroic with high-performance monitors. The company is dedicated to providing professional and competitive gamers with the tools they need to perform at their best. Each product is designed with the needs of competitive gamers in mind and is built to the highest standards of quality and durability.
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VRS lets you access the ultimate sim racing experience. The premium hardware includes one of the strongest force feedback wheel bases on the market and uniquely designed sim racing pedals. VRS started as a comprehensive online learning platform specifically built for simracers. Today VRS stands for sim racing hardware products, software to improve your driving skills and the training by VRS coaches. VRS supports Heroic sim racing team with hardware and gear to compete at the highest level.


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