Thank you, Kasper Straube Hansen

published 06 July 2023

Today we say goodbye to our Head of Performance, as he will take over the role as Sports Director in Astralis. We’re sad to see Kasper go but at the same time pleased. Pleased, because we see this move as a testament to the “Heroic way” - since we, once again, see our staff members picked up and promoted into competing organizations. Kasper has done an amazing job of supporting the implementation of our performance framework and has been a great capacity in running the day-to-day operations with our players. We all wish Kasper the best of luck in his new position.

Esports Director, Oliver Valsgaard says:

I have worked closely with Kasper over the last couple of years and have really appreciated his drive, professional attitude, and personal development during his time with us. No one can deny that it is unique to start as a physiotherapist and end up as Sports Director. I’m truly happy for Kasper and excited to keep building on the Danish rivalry with him as a counterpart. At HEROIC we will continue to build the best performance team in our industry, and we are excited at the prospect of bringing new talented people on board.
Oliver Valsgaard - Esports Director


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