Th0masHD Wins Danish Esports Star of the Year

published 26 April 2024

Today, we are super proud to announce that our Pro-Fortnite Player (and all-round nice guy) Th0masHD, has won Danish Esports Star of the Year at the 2024 Danish Game Awards, finally ending his second-place streak in major competitions!

Thomas Høxbro Davidsen, aka Th0masHD, has been smurfing on the EU Fortnite scene for the past few years asone of the highest-performing and most exciting pros, reaching a new peak in 2023 in ranking #1 in Europe, and this year added his name to the exclusive $1million+ earnings club.

And on top of all this, not only is he better at pugging on Faceit than your favourite Danish pros, (even beating out HooXi on the server and to win the award), just this week he won the inaugural season of Faceit’s Fortnite Capture the Flag Tournament, putting him on-track to qualify for the Esports World Cup just to make sure the CS team really gets the message!

In a statement about the award win, when we asked Thomas how it felt to win the award he responded with"yeah, I’m just better", so we asked him to expand a littleand he said "Winning Danish Esports Star of The Year at the Danish Game Awards 2024 really means a lot to me. My goal is always to dominate the competitive landscape and create the most entertaining Fortnite content I can.I love what I do and being recognised for it has made me really proud to be a gamer and a part of Heroic."

The DGA24 recently took place in connection with the Gamebox festival in Herning where this year's host, actor Pilou Asbæk (Denmark’s answer to Henry Cavill), best known for his role as Euron Greyjoy in Game of Thrones, announced the winners live. The winners of the awards were determined by a vote where a jury accounted for 50% of the assessment, and the audience accounted for the remaining 50%.

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