nicoodoz exits active roster

published 11 May 2024

MAY 11th 2024:  Today we’re announcing that Nico “nicoodoz” Tamjidi will be moved to the bench and is ready to explore his options. After a challenging few months, we sat down with him to talk it out and have both decided to seek new opportunities.

Throughout the past four months, it has become apparent to both Nico and the team that his strengths on the server are not aligned with the team’s needs; we need a player who is dedicated to the AWP in a more traditional way. It's our belief that Nico has much more to give, and within the right system, he will be able to unlock his full potential. We will continue to support Nico as he moves to the bench, and assist him in finding a new home
Robin Nymann, Director of Esports.

Although we say goodbye to Nico from the starting lineup, we had some fantastic moments with him at the start of this year. From beating both world number ones in Vitality and FaZe, our impressive run at Katowice, and nothing can take away from the fact that we qualified to the first CS2 Major against all odds and on Danish turf no less, something in which nicoodoz played a huge part.

Nico has quickly become a fan favourite with his flashy playstyle, entertaining shitposting, impressive awpirifling and head-spinning pistol plays, and we hope wherever he goes next, his fans will get the unique memorabilia that they deserve.

I have really enjoyed my short time with Heroic, but sometimes things change and new opportunities come from that. In this case it was my desire to focus more on the rifle while still AWPing. I’m really excited to explore the ‘move’ to rifling while I find a new home where I can pursue this more natural role officially
Nico “nicoodoz” Tamjidi

From all of us here at Heroic, thank you for everything Nico, and good luck with your next adventure!

You can expect more news to follow, so stay tuned for what’s next for the team. 

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