A new era of HEROIC

published 28 September 2023


As we turn the page on CS:GO, we start an exciting new chapter in Heroic´s history with Counter-Strike 2 and the expansion of the Heroic brand into new esports titles.

HEROIC's journey in CS:GO has been nothing short of legendary. From producing the most memorable moments in the game's history to starring in captivating storylines spanning years. Our legacy includes making deep runs at every Major since 2019 and lifting trophies on the biggest stages in esports.

Top consistency combined with exciting profiles has solidified Heroic's reputation as one of the most exhilarating and visible CS:GO teams in the scene. A team no one can ignore and that pushes Counter-Strike in a more entertaining direction, through passion, exciting clutches, and highly entertaining content.

We are excited to make our mark in Counter-Strike 2, one of the most anticipated esports titles in years, that we believe will lift the scene to new heights.


We are excited to announce that over the next few months, we're expanding our esports presence.

  • First we will be making a thrilling announcement in Fortnite. Our ambition starts at the Copenhagen Global Championship in October, before we want to make our mark in both the creative and talent development sides of Fortnite.
  • In Dota 2 we are currently building a highly competitive roster and will participate in the new open circuit from 2024. Heroic will bring flair and fresh energy to Dota 2, with the goal of shaking things up and building storylines that carry through the year, not only focusing on TI.
This is just the beginning. There are a lot of exciting things happening behind the scenes, both in Counter-Strike and our new titles, with even more games on the horizon. This is a very exciting time to be in Heroic!
Oliver Valsgaard, Director of Esports Operations


With a new determined ownership that is committed to building the company and brand long term, Heroic aims to expand and grow all areas of the organization.

Heroic has been topping social media benchmarks and viewership statistics in the last year, and we are not slowing down. We will continue to expand our marketing and content efforts. We are also excited to continue working with current and new partners, and together define the future of esports entertainment.

Heroic is ready to catapult into 2024 and beyond. The support of our new long-term strategic owners guarantees stability and empowers Heroic to invest in building the most entertaining brand in gaming and esport. Our emphasis will be on expanding our core team and operation, entering into new gaming titles where we can make our mark, and recruiting exceptional talents.

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