HEROIC x Esportal

published 25 April 2023

This is going to be a big one!

We can finally announce our next big 5v5 tournament in collaboration with Esportal.

Heroic is partnering up with Esportal and would like to invite YOU to compete in one of the most hyped tournaments so far! The 5v5 tournament features exclusive prizes from XTRFY and Maxim, Limited edition Heroic Jerseys belonging to the actual players, Skins & other prizes to a total value of 50 000 SEK +. To top it all off we guarantee at least 1x Super Drop in each qualifier, meaning everyone that plays the tournament has a chance of winning!

The playoffs will be streamed by Tutsi in English over at twitch.tv/esportal

Prizepool: 10.000 SEK + products to a value of 40 000 SEK ++

1st: 5000 SEK + 60 days Premium + 5x K5 Black Nordic Layout, 5x M8 WL White, 5x GP4 Street Blue, 5x H2 Headset + 5x Limited edition heroic Jerseys (belonging to the actual players, with the player names on the back) + one year supply of Fuel Legends bars (for 5 players & 1 coach), exact monthly quantity TBD

2nd: 3000 SEK + 60 days Premium + 5x K5 Black Nordic Layout

3rd: 1500 SEK + 30 days Premium + 5x M4 Wireless Black

4th: 500 SEK + 30 days Premium + 5x GP2 Large


1st: Spot in the playoffs

Every Premium user that plays has the chance of winning 4x Super Drops (1x each qualifier)!


The 5v5 Tournament is global and open for all players on Esportal and will be played between 28/4 - 7/5. The tournament features 4 qualifiers with 1 team advancing from each to the playoffs. See the important dates below:

Qualifier 1 - starting 28/4 18:00 CET - BO1- 128 slots

Qualifier 2 - starting 29/4 18:00 CET - BO1- 128 slots

Qualifier 3 - starting 5/5 18:00 CET - BO1- 128 slots

Qualifier 4 - starting 6/5 18:00 CET - BO1- 128 slots


Semifinals - starting 7/5 15:00 CET - BO3

Grand Final - starting 7/5 18:30 CET - BO3


You don’t want to miss out on this one, get your friends ready to play, create a team on Esportal, and sign up for the tournament!

267 unique teams participated, congratulations to the winning team Lysande Sickan. Campaign produced 1.5M views on partner website over the tournament period. Finals produced more than 31k live views with ~1300 average viewers watching concurrently. Online tournaments are one of the least-cost, highest impact activations to directly engage the gaming community. We are delighted with the postive feedback from participants and partners. This serves as a starting point for Heroic to be directly involved in development and growth of community-centered tournaments.
Razvan Rapa, Partnership Manager Heroic

THP white

Heroic x Joma Official Kit Partner

Heroic x VRS - Sim racing partner

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