published 07 April 2024

HEROIC is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Joma, the leading Spanish sportswear manufacturer.

The partnership means Joma will be the official manufacturer of a new exclusive Pro Kit line that includes stage wear, travel kits, and workout apparel. Joma will also manufacture the new 2024 Heroic jersey that was revealed earlier this week on social media.

The partnership was teased in true HEROIC style earlier last month thanks to Norwegian streamer MarteY0 and Nordic TikTok Chad, Henrik Jordal (aka ‘Mr Scandinavia’) - revealing the new partnership online - in between fighting cobras and taming laser eagles, of course.

"Partnering with Joma is a really significant step for HEROIC. It was very important for us that we find a clothing manufacturer that can simultaneously improve the quality of our products while keeping the price level accessible for fans without sacrificing manufacturing standards. Joma does all this, and we’re really pleased to have them join HEROIC. " - Krystian Jaroszynski, Heroic Chief Commercial Officer.

“We're thrilled to announce our partnership with HEROIC. As a brand deeply rooted in the world of sports, we recognize the incredible dedication, skill, and passion exhibited by esports athletes. Joining forces with HEROIC allows us to support and celebrate the esports community while providing top-quality sportswear to players who demand the best. We hope this collaboration introduces Joma to a whole new generation of gamers, offering them the quality and innovation they expect from a sports brand with decades of heritage.” - Marina López, Joma Sports Marketing Director.

The new 2024 Jersey and Pro Kit are available for pre-order now, exclusively on the HEROIC online store.

To learn more about Joma, visit joma-sport.com.

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Heroic x Joma Official Kit Partner

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