HEROIC finish second in IEM Rio Major

published 15 November 2022

Unfortunately, it was not our time this time. We lose 0-2 to Outsiders in the grand final of the Rio Major 2022. Congratulations to them, they were the better team yesterday and are well deserved winners of the Major, having played some very solid Counter-Strike throughout the tournament. GGWP!

Despite the heartbreaking loss, we are immensely proud of our players for making it all the way to the final. And getting 2nd place at a Major tournament is not an easy feat. We will build on this experience and come back as an even stronger unit in the future.

We are on the right path, and all the hard work we put into it is not going to waste just because we lost one game. The consistency is there, the playoff runs are there, but we still need to become better. That starts already tomorrow.
cadiaN (Casper Møller, IGL)

Hats off to Casper Møller and the rest of the players; Martin Lund, René Madsen, Rasmus Beck and Jacob Nygaard, for giving us so many unforgettable moments over the course of the Major. We also applaud our performance staff: Richard Landström, Mikael Mellström, Kasper Straube Hansen and Lasse Svan. This amazing run would not have been possible without you

Yesterday we lost the Rio Major Final and when you’re so close to the ultimate honor that obviously hurts. Today we celebrate that we had an amazing run at the world’s biggest Counter-Strike event. I am incredibly proud of the players, staff and everyone involved. The most exciting part is that we are still improving every day. I am confident that this is just the beginning for us and that more amazing performances and achievements will be made in the coming years
Oliver Valsgaar, Head of Esports Operations

Thank you to all the fans that believed and supported us! And thank you for having us, Brazil! It was a blast, and we will see you again soon!

Next tournament for our Counter-Strike team is at home soil when we play the BLAST Fall Finals in Copenhagen. The tournament starts next week, Wednesday 23 November, with the match against our Swedish friends and rivals Ninjas in Pyjamas.

See you there!


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