HEROIC signs new 4v4 Fortnite team!

published 30 May 2024

With DreamHack Dallas and the Esports World Cup just around the corner, a change in tournament format requires a change in approach. With the opportunity to compete at such prestigious events being waved in front of us, HEROIC are keen to announce that we’ve assembled a world-class roster to compete in this new discipline of Fortnite.

Introducing our new four-man squad:

  • Thomas ‘Th0masHD’ Davidsen (Denmark)
  • Philip ‘Fredoxie’ Boetius (Denmark)
  • Jacob ‘Hellfire’ Hansen (Denmark)
  • [On Loan] Troy ‘Kiro’ Alexis - (Netherlands)

Th0masHD is no stranger to his new teammates, or DreamHack Dallas for that matter, winning last year’s BYOC over his now-teammates in Fredoxie and Hellfire to qualify for Gamers8. There was also only one placement separating him and Kiro in this year’s first FNCS Major, and Hellfire shares a similarly unfortunate streak of second place finishes, winding up with silver at both FNCS and Gamers8!

But with their rivalries behind them and with a history of second-place finishes, we’ve doubled our players’ team-sizes in the hopes they can win some more silverware - emphasis on the silver. If you can’t beat the curse, why not play for it?

Having Thomas under the HEROIC banner has been an amazing journey so far. The success he has found in the FNCS coupled with his Counter-Strike escapades as one of the top ranked FACEIT players mould perfectly into the skill set required for this new gamemode. Combining this with a star-studded roster, that will be a contender at the Esports World Cup
Robin Nymann, Director of Esports

We also managed to get Th0masHD to stop queueing Faceit with Hellfire long enough for us to get a few words from him:

We are happy with how this team has been progressing so far under the new format. Our core has already been placing highly in the weekly regional tournaments with a win to our names at the first event. I’m excited to travel back to Dallas to compete with the team and the change in gamemode for this year is refreshing and allows us to rely less on things outside of our control and more on our own abilities.
Thomas ‘Th0masHD’ Davidsen

This weekend you can catch the squad in the first tournament showcasing off the new format! The rules are simple; each team has a flag in their base and the one to capture the most flags back to their own base wins. Fortnite might usually be hectic to watch, however this format makes it easier to catch all the action which makes it really fun. The action runs from May 31st till June 2nd, where both World Cup spots and $250,000 are on the line!

We also wanna give a shoutout to BIG for lending over Kiro to compete for us!

and Acer Predator for supporting us with tournament-worthy PCs to bring with us to Dallas for DreamHack’s BYOC!

THP white

Polkadot white

Heroic x Joma Official Kit Partner

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