HEROIC enters Fortnite with Th0masHD!

published 05 October 2023

HEROIC is thrilled to welcome Th0masHD!

Watch the launch video here

Th0mas is currently ranked #1 in European Fortnite, and one of the most accomplished players in the game. He boasts an impressive resume: multiple tier 1 trophies and has been a stable top performer during vastly different metas over multiple years in Fortnite. Thomas is a master of building, fighting and rotation strategies, with a reputation as one of the world's most entertaining players. A perfect fit for HEROIC!

The FNCS Copenhagen Global Championship running 13-15. October in Copenhagen is set to be the highlight of this year's Fortnite esports calendar, as the world's best players convene in Denmark's capital. To fight for a prize pool of more than 4 million dollars.

Thomas will be the hometown favorite and there are still tickets for the event available at Ticketmaster!

Looking ahead this is just the beginning of our journey into Fortnite. We plan to create awesome content and engage with the creative side of the community, the goal is to create maps, tournaments and create a fun space for everyone who loves playing Fortnite.

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We are extremely excited to welcome Th0masHD to Heroic, he is one of the biggest gaming talents in Denmark and we look forward to accomplishing great things with him. Fortnite is a game with an interesting ecosystem and an exciting scene, and Heroic aims to play a big part in years to come.
Oliver Valsgaard - Chief Gaming Officer, Heroic

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