HEROIC enter VALORANT with Game Changers roster

published 23 May 2024

OSLO - May 23, 2024 - Today, HEROIC is incredibly proud to announce that we are venturing into new territory with the signing of a VALORANT Game Changers roster! (Sorry not sorry CS fans).

Introducing the HEROIC Valkyries!

The Valkyries are built around the core of the former NEON BLADE squad, who fought their way to Stage 2 of this year’s women’s circuit after an impressive run through the open qualifiers. The new roster’s first official under the HEROIC banner will be during Game Changers 2024 EMEA: Stage 2 on May 27th where they play the BBL Queens! Join us then for our first VALORANT on-stream watchparty as we dodge exploding birds, archers with wallhacks and site executes with more colours than a Pantone pamphlet!

I'm thrilled to announce HEROIC's entry into VALORANT with our new women’s team. This marks a double victory for us, as we've long been eager to join the VALORANT scene and to support women's esports. I'm immensely proud that Heroic is part of this movement, and I'm confident that our roster will make us and our fans proud. I look forward to seeing their performance at Game Changers."
Oliver Valsgaard, CEO of HEROIC

After resuscitating the Heroic admin, we also got a chance to speak to our new team captain:

Joining HEROIC means so much to me and everyone on the team; we’re grateful to them for seeing the potential in us and making our dreams come true! They’re an organisation that I think others in the scene should look up to when it comes to professionalism (and memes), and we can’t wait to start representing them on the server. From myself and all of the roster, I want to say to HEROIC fans and VALORANT fans that we promise to give every match 110%.”
Cecilie “Cille” Lauritsen, Team Captain, HEROIC Valkyries

The enthusiasm from the Valkyries has been infectious throughout the signing process and we can’t wait to see them start their first tournament run in what will be a packed week for HEROIC from Monday. Now while we go and prepare some more match-day memes for G2, here’s a final word to wrap things up.

It’s a great opportunity for us to grow as a brand within a new gaming title for HEROIC, while also championing the inclusion and representation of women in esports. I'm very excited to bring the HEROIC madness to VALORANT.
Kseniia Kozachenko, Brand Director, HEROIC
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