HEROIC and Maxim fill up venue for launch party

published 16 March 2023

HEROIC and Orkla Health hosted a launch party for HEROIC's new brand and Maxim's new product range "Fuel Legends". The event was a huge success with a massive turnout of marketing industry professionals, influencers, and gaming enthusiasts. The event featured various activities, including gaming tournaments, free product samples, and product demonstrations. With only organic invitations, we filled the main hall at Eldorado Esport & Entertainment with over 200 guests, entertained by excellent speakers, competition in Sim Racing, and a great atmosphere throughout the evening.

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The launch party was held at Eldorado Esports in downtown Oslo decorated with banners and posters promoting the new product line. The hall was divided into different sections, including a gaming area, a nutrition booth, and a stage for live performances. The gaming area was equipped with sim racing gear, where attendees could play games and participate in a live tournament. The nutrition booth offered free product samples and nutritional advice looking to improve their performance.

The highlight of the event was the live performance from HEROIC's professional Sim Racer Oskar Biksrud, who shared his experiences interacting with the guests. The Fuel Legends product demonstration was also impressive, showing how the product provides a combination of energy, focus, and endurance to help gamers perform at their best.

The highlight of the event was the live performance from Heroic’s professional sim racer Oskar Biksrud.

The speakers on the stage at the launch party each brought unique insights and perspectives to the topics of esports performance and nutrition, Fuel Legends, HEROIC's new brand, and gaming and esports in general.

Oliver Valsgaard, Head of Esports Operations, spoke about the importance of proper nutrition and its impact on gaming performance. He shared his expertise on how specific nutrients can help gamers stay alert, focused, and energized, which are crucial factors in esports success.

Per Ottar Grotle, Marketing Director at Orkla Health, spoke about Fuel Legends and how it can help gamers perform at their best. He discussed the unique combination of ingredients in Fuel Legends that make it an effective product for esports athletes, and how it can improve gaming performance.

Alexander Johansson, Head of Creative at HEROIC, spoke about the brand's mission and vision, and how it aligns with the gaming community. He discussed how HEROIC aims to create a brand that resonates with gamers and represents their values, and how the new brand will help them engage with fans and partners.

Sindre Røkke and Tobias Henriksson, industry experts from Accenture, shared their insights on the growth and evolution of the gaming industry. They discussed how gaming and esports are becoming more mainstream and the opportunities it presents for both gamers and brands. They also spoke about the importance of creating a sustainable and inclusive esports ecosystem that benefits everyone involved.

Overall, the launch party was a huge success, showcasing the new Fuel Legends product line and promoting the HEROIC and Maxim brands. Attendees left the event with a new appreciation for the benefits of a well-balanced diet and how it can improve their gaming skills, as well as insights on esports marketing for endemic and non-endemic brands.

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