degster joins HEROIC

published 12 May 2024

MAY 12th 2024: Heroic is excited to announce that as of today, Abdul “degster” Gasanov will be joining our CS2 starting lineup as the team’s primary AWPer. His first outing with the squad will be May 14th, this Tuesday,  in Belgrade where we face MIBR.

Degster is a player who has an insanely high skill ceiling and that makes it really interesting to bring him in. He has a versatile playstyle, will bring a lot of initiative to the team with his ideas, as well as just raw fragging power. On top of that he is really passionate about the game and I'm assuming that will show with his high level of energy inside and outside of the server
Eetu ‘sAw’ Saha, CS2 Head Coach

During some time away from competition, degster has been busy grinding FPL, taken up streaming and has successfully undergone an operation, which means he’s 1-0 up on Valve for the past 2 years (and on a serious note, we’re happy he’s had a speedy recovery)! He’s also looking to take Heroic from a team that slaps, to a team that… SLAPS!

sAw also provided an insight into the timing of the move:

There could always be different timings to do changes, but the calendar is really packed. Doing a change now will give the team and degster some time to adapt and gel together before the start of the next season. This way, we will have some kind of foundation to work with when coming back from the summer break.

As a player all-too familiar with the big stage, competing at close to two dozen LANs at only 22 years old (and not once posting a negative rating!), we know Abdul has a lot more to show at the highest level of the game. And most importantly, degster is already nicely on-brand for a Heroic employee as he’s begun dabbling in topical Twitter tomfoolery.

We look forward to having degster as part of Heroic!

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