Akademiet students bootcamp with HEROIC

published 31 March 2023

10 students from Akademiet High School have enjoyed a true bootcamp experience. In an intense week each student group was set up as a professional esports team to practice the Heroic Standard framework, building in-game, mental and physical capabilities.

I think this was an excellent bootcamp. What I particularly liked about it was the combination of strategic planning, direct feedback from coaches and team-members, as well as the collaboration tasks. It was really an enjoyable experience!
Frank Olav Evensen - Akademiet-student

To maximize performance, each team worked with dedicated performance staff, including an in-game coach, performance coach and a nutritionist. The teams were stationed in an esports environment at Heroic’s gaming house in Oslo equipped with high-end gear.

I had a lot of fun at the bootcamp experience and I was really impressed with the location. The setups were roomy with a lot of space to move around, and it was awesome to have a personal chef to make dinner for us. It was also cool that we were treated as true esports players with everything that belongs to it.
Nora Skjerdal-Vik - Akademiet student

The teams engaged in several aspects of an esports professional: day-to-day practice to build individual and team skills, preparation and performance in a showmatch, nutrition and restitution, as well as a media day with interviews and photo shoots.

As a former Esport competitor, it is a dream come true seeing gaming being taken so seriously for young, promising talent. The bootcamp was executed to perfection with great synergies between students and Heroic staff. I am also happy with all the positive feedback from parents, who got a sneak peek into the gaming house. I wish we had more days and every student mirrored this sentiment. Everyone is asking me when the next bootcamp is scheduled.
Morten Bjerkestrand - Head of Esports, Akademiet
I was totally blown away by how open-minded and collaborative the students were during our time together! Even though some of them were at different levels, they all came together and really embraced the learning experience. It was truly impressive to see two groups of such well-behaved young people taking the bootcamp and coaching seriously. I think we had two incredibly successful weeks, full of learning and positivity for everyone involved - students, coaches, and staff alike.
Nicolai Hansen - Heroic performance coach

If your team, class or otherwise group of friends are looking for an esports bootcamp experience, reach out to us at contact@heroic.gg

Image credit: Nicolai Waldemar Naas (@nwnaas)

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