Video Producer at Heroic (Oslo, Norway)

Opportunity in short: Early entry into ambitious Nordic scale-up, well positioned in the booming global esports industry. Highly experienced core team in place, NOK 150 million funding secured, and top-ranking elite teams acquired. Competitive compensation.

Esports - a popular revolution

Do you want to work in a hyper-expansive industry with 500 million fans, professional teams battling for millions in prize pools, and annual revenues exceeding $1 billion? How about managing a global sports organization where the athletes, crowds, and stadiums are as real as they get, while the game itself is virtual? Esports has rapidly emerged from the underground and is now hitting the masses. In parallel venture capitalists, private equity, and other investment communities are fighting for the best opportunities, with esport businesses growing at record speeds. Sound interesting?

We are accelerating our growth agenda with an ambitious and talented video producer

A video producer in Heroic is responsible for producing amazing videos in our growing universe, which spans from social media to ambitious long-form video projects. We are looking for someone senior but are open to hiring someone slightly less experienced if you have worked on impressive projects or have highly relevant industry experience.

Key responsibilities

Day to day you will be responsible for filling one or more of our video pipelines with high quality videos and producing stand-alone videos of various length and complexity

  • Produce high quality web series and stand-alone videos
  • Be responsible for the video coverage of specific events and produce large projects
  • Pitch, develop and produce commercials for partners
  • Develop, pitch, and produce long-form content and web series

Academic and professional background


  • We are looking for someone with either long form, web series or commercial/ad-producing experience. You should challenge our standards from day one!
  • Experience as a producer on a high level, you have made something impressive and experience from a wide variety of projects
  • You have an x-factor and can fill two roles on a project when needed
  • Interest in YouTube and internet culture and / or gaming
  • Experience seeing large projects through from idea stage to completion
  • A network for pitching either longform, documentary or on commercials / briefs
  • 4-8 years of production experience


  • Relevant education or experience from a reputable production company

Personal qualifications

  • You’re a nice person and you love working with other nice people
  • Passionate about content creation on Twitch and YouTube, follow SoMe trends, and communication
  • Strong interest for digital popular culture hereunder esports and gaming
  • Experience and a track record building YouTube-channels
  • Experience working on Live Streaming on Twitch or YouTube Live
  • Excellent communicator (oral and written)
  • Fluent in English, and experienced working in international environments

What Heroic offers

Early entry, hereunder the ability to impact our long-term direction

  • Secured funding, competitive salary, and equity incentives
  • Ambitious and competent colleagues with diverse personal and professional backgrounds (hereunder management consulting)
  • Dynamic and fun work environment, with people and culture as the pinnacle for growth
  • Opportunity to gain unique esports competency from “the inside”
  • International environment; Nordics as our base and the world as our playground
  • Opportunity to position the Nordics at the top of a global competitive arena
  • Big screens, powerful computers, ergonomic gaming chairs, and free flow of energy drinks

About Heroic

Heroic was founded in 2016 as a promising challenger in the professional esports scene. Since then, through hard work and commitment, we have succeeded to position as one of the best elite teams globally. Heroic was acquired by Omaken Sports this February, providing a strong platform for additional growth and expansion. Omaken Sports was founded in 2020, and is headquartered in Oslo, Norway. Our founder, Joachim “NoobworK” Haraldsen is Norway’s most profiled gamer with an impressive industry network and a vision to position Heroic and the Nordic region at the top of the global esports scene. Omaken Sports recently raised NOK 150 million in capital, enabling the acquisition of Heroic and several other growth initiatives currently in the making. Heroic now has the second best professional CS:GO team globally, a world-leading PUBG roster, and a very promising simracing set-up. With rapid growth as our main objective, we are quickly entering new games, signing new elite teams, positioning for franchise stakes in top leagues, and attracting world-class commercial partners. The timing is now, and the opportunities are many. Initially, our main target is to conquer the elite esports segment under the Heroic banner. In December 2021, Omaken Sports AS made the legal transition to Heroic Group AS.


Our company values are #BeCompetitive, #BeProfessional, and #BeBorderless. These three values are all captured in our #BeHeroic caption and intends to speak to and inspire current and future esports fans. We aim to motivate people to adopt heroic characteristics such as being a role model, showing courage, acting noble, or achieving greatness. Being heroic is showing respect for others and promoting human equality. Standing up for yourself, and those in need. From an organizational point of view, we want all our employees to represent #BeHeroic through our joint ACHIEVEMENTS, the PERSONALITIES we represent, and our RESPONSIBILITY towards our fans, our communities, and through our social impact work.

How to apply?

  1. Submit your application by email to:
  2. Include your CV and a short cover letter / motivational letter in two separate attachments
  3. Include your name and the role you are applying for in the e-mail subject field (Example: Application for Video Producer - John Hancock)
  4. Deadline: as soon as possible

For any questions regarding the application process please contact:

Daniel Engeset – People & Talent Manager