RFRSH sells Heroic

The Counter-Strike team Heroic, including players’ contracts, licenses and all trademark and brand rights, has today been transferred from RFRSH Entertainment to Seranades Global Inc. Seranades will from days date take over all ownership and operations of the team.

RFRSH Entertainment has for a while worked to find the optimal solution for all stakeholders and would like to thank the players, coaches, sponsors, partners and fans for being a vital part of Heroics rise to a position where several potential investors showed a real interest in taking over the team.

Throughout the process Seranades has shown an understanding and dedication to continue and build on the values of the team including building a professional setup with a new executive director and other key staff.

The new Executive Director of Heroic, Erik Askered comments:

– We see great opportunity in acquiring Heroic. The team has a tremendous potential, which we look forward to develop towards the goal of becoming the number one CS:GO-team in the world, says Askered.

Given the financial and all other circumstances, RFRSH Entertainment is pleased to finalise this agreement. The transfer of the team is in line with the overall strategy of RFRSH Entertainment and it has been agreed between the parties not to comment further upon the financial details of the agreement.

For further information, please contact:

Erik Askered
Executive Director,

[email protected]
+46 709 940 922”

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