Regarding Nicolai “HUNDEN” Petersens suspension and ban

As the ESIC investigation has been concluded, confirming the findings initially brought to light by ESL, it has reduced HUNDEN’s ban from 12 to 8 months. Heroic has made the decision to keep Nicolai “HUNDEN” Petersen in the organisation during his ban.

The Heroic family sat down and discussed our next step, the decision was made quickly that we want to keep Nicolai in the organisation. We will continue working with him as he will fulfil his duties as a coach and work closely with the team as an analyst.

Heroic CEO Erik Askered says:

“As earlier mentioned, Nicolai’s mistake does not reflect the values or standards Heroic holds or wants to promote, but a mistake is a mistake. We all make them. After all, Hunden is our boy. We love him and he has so much to give this sport, that losing him would neither benefit Heroic, himself, or the pro scene. Our focus will now be to maintain the ranking we have fought hard for, and continue proving the world how good we are.”


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