Dear Heroic fans, 

We have some exciting news to share with you!
Omaken Sports and Heroic join forces with the ambitions of becoming a world leading esports organization.

Heroic former CEO, now CGO, Erik Askered says:

“We’re incredibly excited to continue the Heroic journey in the Omaken Sports group, and proud to have been acquired by them. We’ve long wanted to expand and have felt that the organisation and brand has so much more potential, and finally we are able to execute that and become a multi-game organisation among other things. We’re looking forward to share news to the community on the upcoming expansions!”

Omaken Sports were founded in 2020 by Joachim “Noobwork” Haraldsen and has recently raised €15M for the acquisition and development of Heroic and Omaken, with the vision of creating a Nordic powerhouse of esports.

Both Omaken Sports and Heroic will now be represented as Heroic in tournaments, as the organizations are merging. Heroic will be the brand that the CS:GO roster as well as upcoming expansions will operate under.

CS:GO Team captain Casper “cadiaN” Møller says:

“I am super excited about our new future. With Omaken acquiring Heroic, we will have some really strong investors in the project that are hungry to develop us and the esports scene. The vision of a Scandinavian power house is super exciting to be a part of, and to be part of it from the start is something me and my teammates are incredibly proud of. I think this is a big applause to the work the organization and team has done throughout the last years. We are not aiming at mediocrity.”

The Heroic you know and love will stay the same, but now with bigger strength behind the scenes as well as the organization grows.

We are looking forward to share more news with all of our fans and the community, so stay tuned!


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