We did it again! Our PUBG team brought home the victory in ESL PUBG Masters, after some exciting games against the European Elite teams. 256 teams started the journey to the top, before the 16 best teams in Europe were left standing to fight it out for the ESL PUBG Master trophy - over a record breaking 18 matches!

We could not be prouder of the dexterity, determination and level of tactical mastery showcased by our squad. Heroic´s dedication to the game and hard work is showing great results.

The ESL PUBG Masters victory is Heroic's second major ESL triumph in two weeks, after the CS:GO team won ESL Pro League. We are a small organization experiencing rapid growth due to one of the most talented rosters in esports. We dare anyone to underestimate our heroes!

A roster change with good results

The PUBG team changed their roster recently, with the Danish talent Benjamin “Beami” Steffensen joining. Beami has not only been a good resource, but also shown that he is fitting perfectly into the team, being one of the top fraggers in the ESL final. Luke “TeaBone” Crafer shares his thoughts about the roster change:

– We just changed our roster so it’s really a double whammy, with Beami now joining us. This is the first tournament we’ve won as a team. Hard work does eventuelle pay off, we have found our groove.

ESL PUBG Masters gave us 200 PGC points, which means that we are currently in 1st place in the rankings on the way to qualifying for the  PCS4. The points gave the PUBG team a huge advantage on the path to PGC, the year's biggest PUBG event, but we will keep fighting and bring more trophies home. The games have just begun.