Kasper Straube becomes Head of Performance

published 03 November 2022

We are happy to announce that Kasper Straube Hansen is stepping into a newly created role as Head of Performance for our CS:GO team!

Kasper comes with the right personality, mindset and experience, he will challenge the status quo and work with the rest of the organization and the players to find the solutions that will take Heroic to the next level. We are very happy that Kasper will be taking over this new role and are looking forward to future successes together.
Oliver Valsgaard, Head of Esports Operations

With strong results over recent years our CS:GO team has established itself in the global elite and we are excited to continue building on that success. With the formalization of Kasper as our new Head of Performance, we continue to show our commitment to invest in the professionalization of our CS:GO division.

Esports are developing fast and the pressure on players to perform is increasing every day. We are therefore reorganizing our esports organization by opening up a new function; Head of Performance. The goal is to build culture, structure and support so our players have the best possible framework to continuously perform to their full potential. This work will be done in close collaboration with our mental coach Lasse Svan, the coaching staff of Xizt and sheddaN and obviously the players within the team.

Since his arrival in the beginning of 2020 Kasper has been a critical factor in professionalizing as well as building the culture and team spirit that characterize our CS:GO team today. We are super excited that Kasper, going forward, will be able to focus even more and go into even greater detail than he has been able to previously.

I am excited to officially take the role as Head of Performance. Since joining Heroic, I have always strived for us to be innovative and look at every single detail that can make us perform better. I am thrilled to continue working with such talented and hardworking players and coaching staff, and I am confident that we as a team will be able to reach new heights in the future.
Kasper Straube Hansen

Kasper has a background in performance-oriented Physiotherapy and a masters degree as an Osteopath, therefore he will also continue his work making sure our players are physically fit and injury free for the challenges of playing pro CS:GO.

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