Exceptional games in BLAST Premiere!

The Heroic CS:GO team made the fans go crazy with excitement during BLAST Premiere! The games were exceptional; great clutches, high intensity and small margins. Exactly the way we like it in CS:GO. After an even final against Russian Gambit, we ended up in 2nd place in the tournament. Heroic is ready for revenge - anytime.

It's not only good spectator content when teams such as Gambit and Heroic meet in the Finals. The games had some unexpected turns, when both Gambit and Heroic won eachothers map-picks. This resulted in a 1-1 score, going into the last map of the day. Stavn describes yesterday´s games with excitement:

– On Train, Gambit managed to adapt on their CT-side and change positions in the middle of the game. It's rare that a top team changes such critical positions in the middle of a game, but they have the ability to do so, which is really impressive. It's always fun playing Gambit, as by now, we both know each other pretty well, and you have to be the one being a step ahead in every situation.

The legendary win in ESL Pro League against Gambit, one week ahead of BLAST Premiere, has set some traces in the strategies for both teams. Stavn adds:

– We won eachothers map-picks, which was quite interesting. I think we both had adapted and learned from the previous games, and i think that was a direct result of improvements from both teams in some way. We had a great opportunity to close Train on our CT-side, but they had some great clutches and it came down to the smallest of margins. Well played to them!

Our CS:GO team has not been bootcamping for BLAST Premiere, which naturally led to some changes in the dynamic of the team. However, this does not change the level of performance and good energy in the room. Mental coach, Troels, describes the energy behind the scenes:

– The guys showed great energy during Blast and it was our first big tournament from home as a team. Of course it is a different kind of energy than when we sit together but we do a lot of stuff to make it feel more like being together - such as an online huddle for the players and me. Yesterday's matches was hard fought. I believe that a lot of preparation had gone into it for Gambit just like it did for us. Last time we won and this time they did. I am sure that next time we face each other again will be a great game!

Preparations for DreamHack

After what´s been a hectic period for our CS:GO team with important matches every week, the team has deserved some days off-tournament to gather energy and prepare for DreamHack Spring. This seasons DreamHack tournament is quite special to the team for one specific reason and they have started the preparation already:

– DreamHack will be our first tournament with Hunden back on the server, which we are all looking forward to. We are going to spend the next week improving our game and  minimizing our mistakes. Dreamhack masters spring is an important tournament coming up. We have a bootcamp planned for the tournament, and we are going to do our best to take a trophy home with us, says Stavn with a wink.

Troels adds:

– As our preparation for DreamHack we will first and foremost take a few well deserved days off. Then it is back to the grind and to the plans that the performance team has made together with Hunden whose return to the scene will be at DreamHack.

Ever wondered how the daily life of a Heroic athlete looks like?

We have asked Stavn about his daily life as an esports professional. He shares a normal day in his life:

– A normal day consists of a practice schedule; 11:00 - 18:00. Waking up at 9:00/10:00, taking a shower, getting some breakfast and going for a walk before the day starts. Our practice concists of 2 hours of talk, dryrunning on the server and improving our tactics. After that we have 4 practices with a 1 hour break between the first two and last two. After practice we eat dinner and pretty much always return back to the PC to grind. Whether it's FPL, faceit, demo, we typically always try to put in the extra hours. Obviously there is room for friends and family as well, but if you want to reach the top you have to put in the extra hours!

Next tournament up: DreamHack Spring