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ESL Pro League Season 13 champions!

We have officially crowned ourselves as the kings of ESL Pro League season 13. Never have we ever seen such a performance from any CS:GO athletes globally! Our CS:GO team brought the trophy and $200,000 home from the tournament, and they did it with style. 

The finals of ESL Pro League was an intense competition against Gambit. The team had to fight their way through 7 hours of games, with a 3-2 result. With over 400.000 viewers and a legendary game made by our athletes, there's no doubt that we are in the place where we belong. The mental coach of the team, Troels Robl, shares his thoughts about the huge victory.

– This is one of our biggest achievements ever as a team, to pull off a victory after such a short period of playing together. It was a big relief to finally win the ESL Pro League after 7 hours of hardcore competition. To be focused and on top of your game for such a long period is draining no matter the preparation you do. But I was confident in the team and their ability to do so as we are turning every single stone to find a percentage wherever it was possible.

The ESL Pro League tournament consists of teams from all over the world, competing to be the very best CS:GO team and a $750,000 prize pool. Ismail “refrezh” Ali, one of the winning CS:GO athletes, has excitement in his eyes while telling about the matches.

– I was speechless when we got our victory. The amount of work and focus we put in on a daily basis is so high, it was amazing seeing it pay off. The victory means a lot to me because it is a benchmark of what we are capable of. The thought of being a champion, not just winners, motivates me a lot. Honestly I don't think we have much to improve after such a game. The only thing would be to keep using Gambit's weaknesses because they didn't change their game, but it's counterintuitive to do the obvious thing, so we tried to be a step ahead.

Next matches up: BLAST Premiere -Spring Showdown 2021 (13th-18th of April 2021)