Heroic is ready PCS4

We will be playing the finals of PCS4 and fight our way to the top of the leaderboards! The PUBG team was directly invited to the finals after winning the ESL PUBG Masters in the spring and will be competing for a prize pool consisting of more than $250,000. The best teams in the world will battle it out in the next 3 weeks and we’re looking forward to some highly entertaining matches! 

The team feels confident about the tournament 

PUBG corp. introduced PCS (PUBG Continental Series) in 2020 and will continue the success. The tournaments are among the most important throughout the year. However, the Heroic team feels confident, and they are ready to fight their way to the top. 

–      In PCS4, I expect that we will end up in the top 3, even though this format is a bit more RNG. I’m the newest member on the team and in the few months I have been here, I can say for sure that we have the skills to be the best team in Europe, says PUBG athlete Benjamin “Beami” Steffensen. 

The team has been spending the last couple of weeks practicing, both in-game and outside of the game. Our PUBG athlete from the United Kingdom, Luke “TeaBone” Crafer, tells how the team prepares for the upcoming matches.

–      We have been practicing a lot. We have done loads of studying, both in-game and outside of game. An important part of that job is to try becoming a better team member and human. I think the energy of this team is great now as well, I know we can accomplish anything with hard work, patience and practice.

What has the team done since the victory in ESL Masters? 

The team had an amazing performance during ESL PUBG Masters, and they brought the victory home, which was a huge motivation for the team. Beami shares his thoughts about the performance. 

–      The ESL tournament taught us a lot as a team and for me individually. We learned to be more adaptive in the games, not stick too much to only one gameplan, and just be proactive as a team. Individually, I got more comfortable with not being in the front all the time as I was used to from previous teams. Since ESL PUBG Masters, we have been working on our playstyle to fit the new MC-Format better, since we are known as a kill heavy team and not to win that many games.

TeaBone adds: 

–      We learnt how to win with that format, although it might seem small it’s a big boost but unfortunately kind of useless now as the format of the tournaments have fully changed so back to square one. 

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