Heroic in major sponsorship deal with CULT

Heroic today announces a new strategic partnership with Danish energy drink company CULT.

Brian Sørensen, Founder, CULT:

– By now most people have seen that esports is showing substantial expansion outside the hardcore fans. Being the main producer of energy drinks, in CULT we have been looking for the optimal strategic partner in a business that matches our target audience, growth and values. We have been in discussions with Heroic and RFRSH Entertainment for a while, and I am in no doubt, we have found the perfect match. The team and the organization share common values when it comes to passion, drive, playing to win, and the courage to do what others don’t.

– Being among the first challengers in the market gives us a position and space to act and push boundaries. We love beating the “big ones” and I know we share that feeling with the Heroic guys, who beat the world’s number one last year, and who as a team and as individual players hunger to do it again and again. We both want results, and I look much forward to launching our co-operation with Heroic over the coming months. In many ways RFRSH Entertainment has already made a huge impact on the esports scene and I am sure that CULT, together with RFRSH and Heroic, will be able to surprise over the duration of our partnership.

Jakob Lund Kristensen, Co-Founder, RFRSH Entertainment:

– As a brand and as a team, Heroic holds a huge potential for growth. At present they’re sub-top on the world rankings, but they have the ability to surprise even the best teams out there, and to become a strong contender for top 10 worldwide. We always strive to work with commercial partners who have the desire and ability to contribute to the esports scene in a positive fashion and have the ambitions to change the perception of esports. In this connection, we’re proud to team up with an organization like CULT.

– Performance is about a range of aspects including passion, dedication and the courage to think and do the unexpected. CULT is well known in Denmark to “challenge normal” and on top of being a very lucrative deal CULT is known to involve itself deeply in the brands and products they work with. This will become obvious as we go along and the co-operation will be rolled out, and we’re all excited about what the future holds for this set-up.

Besides a key position on Heroic’s jersey and all digital platforms the partnership includes a co-operation on the product side to be announced at a later stage. Economically the deal is described as “substantial” without further details.

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