Heroic extends contract with peacemaker

Following a period as interim coach, Luis “Peacemaker” Tadeau and Heroic today announced, they have extended the contract another 12 months.

Luis “Peacemaker” Tadeu comments:

– I started out as an interim coach for all parties to evaluate if the match was as good in real life as it was on paper. Over the past months I have worked with the players as individuals and as a group and I have only been confirmed in my first impression of the team and the guys: We’ve got a group with skills and the willingness to work hard to reach our ambitions, and I am confident we can and will take the team much closer to the group of top teams.

– I look very much forward to being a more permanent part of a company model like RFRSH’s, and to work with a long term perspective. I see great things in this team and when I said, that we’d work hard to meet and exceed everybody’s expectations, it wasn’t just words. The group has shown me dedication and a great attitude when adding new parameters to their training both on and off line, and we will reach our goals if we can keep up this way of working and being together!

Kasper Hvidt, Director of Sports, RFRSH Entertainment:

– We knew what Luis stands for and that he would bring a lot of experience and a dedication level second to none, but we also want to make sure, that when we bring in a new player or a coach, the match-up, the match is as close to perfect as possible. The team’s attitude and the tools we provide should make him a better coach and on the other hand his presence and work has to bring the players and the team to a higher level. One plus one should equal three, so to speak, and this is exactly what we have seen with Luis, and it is what we hope to see materialise over the coming period of time.

Peacemaker to stand in at ELEAGUE Major Qualifier

Not related to the contract, due to Hansel “BnTeT” Ferdinand’s VISA issues, “Peacemaker” will be playing as a stand-in for Tyloo at the ELEAGUE Major Qualifier in January. As the former coach, “Peacemaker” was registered with the team and as such the only option if they are to participate in the tournament. RFRSH/Heroic has agreed with Tyloo not to stand in the way for their participation and Luis will return to the team immediately after the tournament.

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