Heroic bids farewell to NaToSaphiX

Heroes rise, heroes fall. Before the season starts, Heroic has decided to let go of our latest addition, Niels-Christian “Natosaphix” Mohr Sillassen.

BlameF says:

We had a very good but short run with Natosaphix. Unfortunately the roles didn’t pan out the way we wanted, and therefore we have made the decision to try someone else. It’s not fun, because I can guarantee there are few people out there who are as good teammates as Natosaphix. Great work mentality, funny, awesome person to have by your side whether its a win or a lose. I wish him the best of luck in his next team.

Heroic agree’s with our IGL: Good luck NaToSaphiX. We thank you for your time, and wish you the best moving forward.


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